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Moors & Christians

Moors & Christians
The Moors and Christians fiesta is celebrated in August in the port of Javea. Other towns along the southern Valencian coast also have celebrations that take place through out the summer.

These fiestas are to remember the history of when Spain was under control of Muslim powers and pirates travelled the coast to carry out raids on the local towns and villages. At the time Javea was a walled enclave to protect it’s citizens.

The fiestas are to celebrate the success of the Christians over throwing the moors in the 16th century and making Spain what it is today.

There are many activities during the Moors and Christians fiestas from re-enactments of battles on the beaches to the spectacular parades where residents dress as either moors or Christian and parade in their groups often with horses leading the way.

Along side the formal speeches and presentations there is music and partying well in to the night. No fiesta ever passes without a fantastic firework display and lots of noise.


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