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Schools in Javea

Schools in Javea
Once you have made the life-changing decision to relocate to Javea, most parents thoughts will then jump immediately to their children’s education and what schools are available.
Fortunately, there is nothing to fear, schools in Spain are increasingly considered to be of a better standard than those in many other European countries, including the U.K and Javea has plenty of choice to meet the needs and expectations of families from different horizons.

Send your children to an international school or a local Spanish school ?

Both have plenty to offer and it depends on whether you want your children to be educated following the British syllabus or to intergrate into the Spanish community. Other factors to consider are the ages of the children and how long you plan to stay in Spain.
I personally think if your children are very young and you have made a permanent move then the Spanish system is the way to go.

The International schools are fee paying and a very popular choice for expats.
Two international schools stand out in the Javea region : XIC -Xabia (Javea) International College and LES- The Lady Elizabeth School.

The Lady Elizabeth School

Located on the beautiful Cumbre Del Sol with breathtaking views of the mediterranean sea.
The primary school caters for KS1 and KS2 (2-11years) pupils and from September 2018- a brand new Secondary school will open at the same location for the elder KS3 pupils (aged 11-18).

This school follows an IGCSE and A level exams in KS3/4 itinery.
The school offers an excellent education and plenty of extra curricular activities to choose from.
All students attend activities that reinforce values such as: respect, tolerance, honesty and self confidence.

Number Phone : 00 34 670 698 764

Xabia International College

Situated in Javea on the Careterra de Portichol, the primary school is only 2 minutes from the Secondary school and has spectacular sea views.
The family atmosphere of the school encourages the individual development of children of all nationalities. The school teaches the British curriculum and operates IGCSE and A level exams.

These exams can be fully convalidated with the Spanish certificate of completion of Secondary education (graduado en Educacion Secundaria Obligatoria).
Students have the opportunity to practice many extracurricular activities including football, karate, music, tennis, art and drama.

Number phone : 00 34 96 647 1785

The Spanish education system

The local Spanish schools are free but you will be expected to pay for books, stationery, lunches and extra-curricular activities.
You have the choice between several primary schools located in Javea and the education is similar in each. Most now teach in Valenciano, the language of the Valencian community but they also teach Castellano (Spanish) and English as subjects.

Local Primary schools in Javea

Colegio Graull (00 34) 96 579 1703
Colegio L’Arenal (00 34) 96 579 6814
Colegio Maria Inmaculada (00 34) 96 579 1170
Colegio Port de Xabia (00 34) 96 579 1268
Colegio Trenc D’Alba (00 34) 96 579 3343
Colegio Vincente Tena (00 34) 96 579 0737

Lower Secondary Education

Known as Educación Secundaria Obligatoria- ESO
From the age of 12-16.

The 2 main Institutos are:
Les Antoni Llidó (00 34) 96 579 0092
Institut d’Educación Secondario (00 34) 96 579 2720

Non compulsory education

(16-18 years) When students have completed their ESO, they can choose one of two routes to study further:
Upper level of Secondary education (Bachillerato)- to prepare for university.
Intermediate vocational training- general training and specialist work placements.


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