Beaches of Javea

Javea is a fantastic place to enjoy beach living, it has several beaches catering for every sort of beach activity, from sandy beaches to rocky coves- there is a beach for everyone. On Javea beaches you can enjoy just lazing in the sun, diving and snorkelling, windsurfing and paddle barding, as well as the fun pedalos.
You can hire jet skis and motor boats, as well as water skiing. Whatever you look for in a beach holiday Javea can provide.
Starting in the North of Javea we will travel around its beaches and coves.
Tango Bay – Tango bay is located in the port area of Javea, it is within a protected a zone and due to recent erosion, it is no longer possible to get to the small beach, but there is a restaurant that over looks the bay, where you can enjoy the stunning views. From here you can also walk to the San Antonio lighthouse.
La Grava – The La Grava beach is in the centre of the port area. It is a stony beach for those that are not keen on sand. A few steps off the beach and you will find many bars and restaurants. Although these are not beach bars and patrons are expected to dress accordingly.
El Montañar – Technically no a beach, but this is the rocky area between the Arenal and the Port of Javea. In the summer, bathers like to sit on the rocks and swim in the sea. In this area during the summer months, you will also find Chiringuitos (beach bars) that are erected for the summer months. You will also find the bar La Siesta which is open most of the year. It is a swanky beach bar a far cry from a sandy old hut of years gone by. When the sea is rough, surfers take to the waves from here and if you are looking for water sports, during the summer, a hut is erected hiring water surfing boards and other equipment.
El Arenal – The Arenal is probably considered the main beach in Javea. It is a large expanse of soft sand edged by palm trees. Surrounding the beach is a wide promenade which is home to some top quality bars and restaurants. On the beach there are various activities from hiring a boat or pedalo, to volleyball nets as well as several children’s play areas. The beach is excellent for children as there is a gentle slope in to the sea which relatively safe for children. During the summer months life guards monitor the beach as well.
Cala Blanca – South of the Arenal you will find Cala Blanca, a popular spot for sitting on one of its benches looking out to sea and pondering life. Cala Blanca is mainly a rocky area that is enjoyed by fisherman, divers and snorkelers. In recent years this area has seen some renovation and there is a large decked area to enjoy the view. In the summer many boats can be seen anchored just out to sea in this sheltered cove.
La Barraca – Around the coast from Cala Blanca you take the windy Portichol road where you will see the stone cross of Portichol. If you enjoy walking, you can walk from the stone cross to Barraca beach, or if you would rather drive you continue on the main road turning off on to another windy road that takes you down the beach. The beach is sandy and a little stony. You can see Portichol island while sitting on the beach. There is also a small restaurant that specialises in sea food.
Ambolo – This beach was designated a nudist beach, but unfortunately erosion and rocks slides have forced it to be closed as it is dangerous to climb the stairs down to the beach. It is a shame as it is a truly beautiful beach, which you can see from the Ambolo lookout Mirador.
Granadella – The stunning Granadella beach that has won numerous awards for one of the best beaches in Spain. It is a small stony cove with magnificent turquoise waters that makes a postcard setting for any visitor. At Granadella you will also find a couple of restaurants.