Days out in Javea

There are many things to do in Javea from water sports, tennis and golf to fine dining. Here we list some activities that you can enjoy day by day during a week in Javea.
Monday in Javea
Start the week exploring. There are numerous walks in Javea, from gentle strolls to more strenuous climbs. To take in the sea air there is a nice flat walk from the Arenal to the Port, watching the boats out at sea and imaging what life would be like living in one of the frontline apartments or houses.
An area that is not usually on the tourist map, again a nice flat walk are the orange groves, which are fantastic in March and April when the blossom is in full bloom and the smell is intoxicating.
Some more stiffer walks are exploring the Miradors of Javea, these are viewing points around Javea that afford spectacular views.
And for the real adventurers you can walk the famous mountain, there are several routes that can be taken to walk the Montgo, the main start point can be found on the round from the Old Town to Denia. It takes around 3 hours to walk up and down.
Tuesday in Javea
After a day exploring on Monday let’s make Tuesday a relaxing day, a morning by the pool or on the beach reading a book or catching up on Social Media. Then a lunch at one of the 250 local restaurants (according to Tripadvisor). With so many restaurants which one do you choose? There are restaurants ranging from fast food to fine dining. Lunchtime is for Paella, the Spanish only eat paella at lunchtime, as it is quite a large meal that needs time to digest. It´s a bit like having a roast dinner night time – Very few British would do this.
Where to go for Paella? Many restaurants offer Paella and it´s best to order in advance although it is not always necessary. Firstly you need to decide on the Old Town, Port or the Arenal. If you are looking for something traditional then probably the old town will offer you a true Valencian Paella. If you want a peaceful lunch over looking the sea than port or if it´s a family meal probably the Arenal is best.
Wednesday in Javea
Let’s get on the waves or under them, the beautiful Mediterranean sea. Javea offers a vast array of water sports. Sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling among a few.
There are also boat trips, or fishing excursions that can be enjoyed. A great inexpensive day out is on the ferry that leaves Javea Port and travels around the Cuesta de San Antonio to the nearby town of Denia you can catch the ferry at 11am and return from Denia at 4pm, giving you time to explore Denia and have lunch.
Thursday in Javea
Thursday is market day in Javea it is there during the morning in the main square of Javea Old Town and with the underground parking underneath makes it easy to park and visit. It has a selection of market stalls selling everything you can imagine. The fresh fruit and veg stalls offer the very best in seasonal products.
After a stroll around the market you can then take in the atmosphere of the old town, with it’s traditional tapas bars, historical church and the recently restored Riu Rau, a stone building with open sides which was used to dry grapes for centuries.
Friday in Javea
Friday marks the end of the week for locals and the Javea Arenal beach area and is the place to visit in the evening, relax by the pool or beach during the day to get ready for a night of entertainment. Start the night with a meal in one of the many restaurants offering a wide selection of food choices from burgers to fine dining. Then move on to one of the swanky bars for cocktails, followed by a night of dancing in the famous Achill night club.
Saturday in Javea
If you made through the Friday night and are still wanting to explore then a visit to the award winning Grandella beach is in order. This small cove has one several awards for one of the best beaches in Spain and you won´t be disappointed by it scenery.
Due to the one entry and exit road and limited parking there is a bus service that takes you to the beach during the very busy summer months of July and August. But in the winter, spring and autumn the beach very quiet and can be enjoyed without the crowds.
Sunday in Javea
Sunday is a family day for the Spanish and is usually spent with the family having a lunchtime meal, either at home or in a restaurant. So, for those who love to enjoy local food and eat out then choose one of the many restaurants to enjoy a long leisurely lunch.
Still looking for more to do?
There are so many more activities to be enjoyed in and around Javea. There is a 9 hole golf course in Javea as well as the 18 hole La Sella golf resort with its spa and gym, 15 minutes drive towards Denia.
The David Ferrer (a Javea native) tennis club offering court rental and tennis lessons, as well as Pinos tennis club in the Balcon Al Mar area of Javea.
The fiesta schedule is immense and during the summer season there is many events from the San Juan Fiestas in June, to the Moors & Christians fiestas held in the port in July. The port also has a fiesta in September where there is a spectacular firework display. Fireworks play a big part in the programmes from displays to Mascaletas which strings of bangers that create a deafening experience.
At the end of July there is the international fiesta which brings together all the nationalities of Javea and has stalls representing each nation, 22 different nationalities take part. This is what makes Javea such a cosmopolitan and diverse place to live and holiday.