Fiesta de San Juan

The main Javea fiesta for the year is the fiesta of San Juan which is held in midsummer. Midsummer fiestas have been celebrated across the globe for thousands of years and the celebrations in Javea are some of the most spectacular you will find.
Fire is a major part of these fiestas and the “Nit del Foc” night of the fires is one of the highlights. In the street of the old town many bonfires are lit which are jumped by locals and tourists as good luck. Along with the bonfires there are fireworks being set off along the streets. Anyone visiting this event should be advised that there are lots of sparks and wearing sensible shoes, old clothes and a hat is recommended.
The San Juan Fiestas are held over 10 days in the middle of June, finishing on the 24th June the day of San Juan. During the period there are many activities and advents. It is a great party where drink is often flowing and local speciality food is enjoyed.
The Penya
The Spanish celebrate in their Penyas. A Penya is a year group often met at School and they get together every year to celebrate the fiestas. In the old town there are several buildings that are used by Penyas where they party throughout the celebrations. The day of the Quintas is a crazy day, where each Penya where the same colour shirt or outfit, meeting at 8 in the morning to spend a day drinking and celebrating with their old friends.
Along with the partying there are some amazing parades with the locals and international residents dressing in traditional costumes with fantastic dresses for the girls and women. The dresses can cost 1000s of euros and are often passed down between siblings.
The Mascleta
During the fiestas there is a Mascleta, this will probably be one of the noisiest things you have every heard. Rows and rows of firework bangers are strung up and set light. The noise is quite deafening. Be prepared!
There are also floats that travel through the town throwing sweets to children, local bands and discos which will go on to the early hours of the morning. Little sleep is had be any resident of the old town as at 8am fireworks are left off to make sure everyone is up for the next day of the celebrations.
On the last night of the fiestas there is a burning of the Fogueras a large statue in the square that is burnt before the grand firework display.