Finca and country houses for sale in Javea

The fishing and farming village of Javea as been here for 100s of years and there are some properties that are 200 years old, most of these properties are described as fincas. Some buyers are lucky to find and be able to afford an original finca for sale in Javea. These properties usually have extensive grounds, often with fruit trees and fantastic nayas.

As a purchaser you will often hear or see the word naya. This originates from these fincas, it is a covered terrace area, which provides shade, but also a practical use for drying grapes, almonds and other fruits away from any rain. All new houses in this area are built with covered outside area, due to the summer heat you need shade when you want to sit outside.

There are many finca style properties for sale around Javea and is a loved style of property that has been replicated in more modern properties. Buying a newer built finca gives you all the tradition and style of an original finca, but with some more recent mod-cons.

There are some wonderful original and replica fincas for sale in Javea around the Montgo area and on towards Jesus Pobre. It is a style of property favoured by many as they offer so much character and a real history of the area.

There are very few original fincas that have not been renovated and a buyer would have to search very hard to find one, making them a sought after home.

There is a great history of an architect named Leonard Krevine who bought a 200 year finca in the Montgo Valls area around 50 years ago then designed and built many fincas in the same area to replicate this style and you will often see property adverts for a finca for sale in Javea stating it´s a Krevine finca. Unfortunately, he is now deceased and his original finca was sold a few years ago by his family. Occasionally one of the properties he built comes to the market and they are full of the wonderful finca character.

Javea Home Finders have an excellent reputation for finding specific types of properties for their clients and if you are looking to purchase an original finca or a property in that style then they will use all their local contacts, gained over many years to find that perfect finca for you.