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Property Finding – Sourcing and helping you to acquire your perfect property in Javea.

Often our clients are coming from overseas to visit the area for a short time to view properties and make the purchase of their forever home or a dream holiday retreat.

When you decide to purchase a holiday or a permanent home in Javea you want to make sure you have made the correct choice on location and type of property. Having a trusted agent guide you through this is essential.

In Javea all agents collaborate, we have trusted relationships with respected and honest agents to be able to show our clients not only properties we have listed but also the best that is offered on the whole market at the time.

At Javea Home Finders we offer our location selection and property finding service.

Understanding your requirements

Initially we work with you on the type of property you are looking for. We get to know your likes and dislikes, whether you are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment close to town or a private country villa.

Are you looking for a holiday home, a rental investment, or a property for permanent living? This will make a difference with what type of properties we suggest.

What size of property do you need, how many bedrooms would you like, do you need separate accommodation for family visits? Are you looking for a property that will give the most occupancy for rentals?

Property Suggestions before you arrive in Javea

We will suggest properties for you and gather your feedback, whether you prefer more traditional properties or state of the art modern architecture.

Offering properties that are located in various areas we will explain the benefits or downfalls of certain locations and what is suitable for permanent living or for gaining the best rental returns or for a holiday home close to bars and restaurants.

Send us what you like

It´s very tempting as a purchaser to be constantly browsing the web for properties that you like. We ask our clients to send us the links to these properties and we can confirm whether they are still on market (lots of properties that are sold are still out there on the web). We can pre visit favourites, if necessary to ascertain location, closeness of neighbours, road noise, orientation and weed out properties that will not be suitable.

This saves you a great deal of time visiting properties that are clearly not suitable for your needs.

Helping with travel plans

Javea Home Finders has agreements with local property owners, rental companies and hotels in the area that offer our clients discount for property viewing visits. We can help you organise a hotel for a one week stay or a longer monthly rentals if you want to sample the area before you buy.

The guided tour

If you are reasonable new to the area or only visited once or twice, we like to give you the “Guided Tour” this helps you to orientate yourself. Javea is quite a large area and is made up of very different types of locations, from historic townhouses to traditional urbanisations, or modern villa developments and beach front apartments. Our tour allows you take in all the different locations and can help you decide the best location for you.

If you are very familiar with the area, then you can most certainly opt out of this extra service.

Property viewing schedule

Javea Home Finders take all the stress out of organising property viewings. We will provide you with a daily schedule of properties we will be viewing, organising with vendors, and selling agents to meet them at their properties.

We will pick you up from your accommodation and accompany you to all the visits, giving you our knowledge and insights into the property and location.

We will allow for comfort breaks if we have busy schedule.

Negotiating the best deal for you

When you find your dream home, we will guide you every step of the way. Firstly, with negotiating the price. Having many years of experience dealing with price negotiations with multiple nationalities will help you to ensure that you get the property you want at the best price.

Explaining the sales process

The sales process in Spain is reasonable simple, but it is different to some other countries. Javea Home Finders will ensure you understand the process and walk you through every step. Ensuring you are informed and understand what happens at every step.

Recommendations and Guidance

We always recommend that you hire a local trusted conveyancer to make sure that the property you purchase is properly registered and that there are no debts or embargos against the property. If necessary, this representative will help with NIE numbers and set-up power of attorney, organise the payment plan and arrange the notary visit, as well as changing contracts of utilities bills and arranging future resident and non-resident tax obligations. They will also advise on a Spanish will and any other legalities that may be necessary.

We have a list of trusted Conveyancers and even if you do not use our services, we can recommend them to you.

Professional Conveyancers – Make a good choice!