Utility Bills

When owning a property you will also have to pay the relevant utility bills including, electric, water and gas or oil.
The main Spanish electric company is Iberdrola, but several years ago the Spanish government opened the market to allow other energy supplies to provide electricity. Similar to the UK you can switch your supplier if you find a better deal. Like the UK you have to keep on top of this and ensure you are getting the best deal.
Water in Javea is provided by Amjasa, this is a townhall run business and there are no alternatives. In 2001 Javea built a desalination plant that takes sea water and turns it into drinking water. This is great for Javea residents as there are very rarely water shortages due to drought. Javea often provides other local towns with water when drought conditions happen.
Occasionally in older properties in Javea, the water will be provided by a deposit owned by a private individual as the property is not on mains water, very few of these properties still exist, but it is worth checking before you buy that the house is connected to mains water.
There are several types of gas or oil supplies to a property. Most villas will have their own supply either by bottles or a tank, which need to be replaced or replenished by the property owner. Some new villa urbanisations will have a big communal tank and the gas is metered to each property, saving the owners the job of keeping their own supply and ensuring it is refilled.
Over the last few years natural gas lines have been laid around the town of Javea and many apartment blocks have incorporated them retrospectively and again the gas company meter the usage.