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Javea Home Finders is able to offer an exceptionally accurate valuation service. Having many years experience and up to date knowledge, from recent sales by ourselves and other local agents and property industry sources, we have the tools to make true, honest and straight forward valuations of your property. We don’t want to waste your or our time.

Unlike some agents we actually give you a valuation and don’t just ask - What do you want? We consider many factors to ensure we get the valuation correct. Spainish properties are mainly valued by their square meterage and all official sources will give house prices based around the square meter value. This is a very loose average and prices can vary greatly in one area with properties having the same square meterage but being in different locations although only a few kilometres apart.
Square meterage gives a good start or rule of thumb. There is always a top and bottom to the scale and if for example you have a valuation that is higher than the top square meterage price sold recently then your property is more likely over valued unless perhaps it’s the best frontline property on all the coast. It works the other way too, if you are lower than the lowest square meter value then your property is undervalued. Although if you list at an undervalued price then you will see a flock of potential buyers.
Firstly we look at the square meterage of the house and garden and take the average recent square meter selling price. We then take in to account the area, some areas are valued higher than others, then other aspects like privacy, road noise, views, build quality, fixtures and fittings, pool, rentability, parking, storage and any other unique selling points to provide you with an accurate valuation based on recent property prices in your area.
We want to help you sell your property at the best possible price and within a time scale that suits. An accurate valuation is a key to the start of the selling process.
Nothing beats the personal touch, but we have created a tool to provide an online free valuation to give sellers a ball park figure based on current statistics available.
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