Learning Spanish

Javea is a multinational, multi-language town and if you have been a visitor, you probably have never had the need to speak Spanish as the majority of restaurant and shop staff speak English. But once you are here on a permanent basis you will find dealing with administration tasks and general day to day living frustrating, not speaking the language.
No-one expects to speak like the natives and be completely fluent but getting by in certain instances is very helpful. It is recommended that you learn the basics and get a small vocabulary. There are many words that are very similar in English as they are in Spanish. Learning the numbers, colours, different types of food and some basic phrases is a good start and very easy.
The Spanish language is like all Latin languages and is based on verb structure, this is a little more difficult to learn and it is best to take some classes to help you with this. There are many Spanish teachers in Javea and local groups which are often called “habla mas” which translates to ‘talk more’. These groups are made up of Spanish locals and English speakers who meet in cafes or bars to talk to each other. This is a great way of learning and meeting new people.