Spanish Residency

If you live more than 183 days in Spain per year you are required to become a Spanish resident. You are only allowed to reside in one European country. If you have a holiday home in Spain you need to ensure that you don’t over stay the 183 days if you wish to remain resident in the UK. Although if you own a property you still must complete a non-resident tax return.
Becoming a resident is relatively easy, so long as you have the necessary paperwork and proof of income, either by working here in Spain or proving you have enough income to support yourself. If you are working and paying social security, then you must become a resident to enable you to gain access to the Spanish National Health Service. There are schemes where unemployed residents can pay in to the health care system to gain access, but most ex-pats tend to opt for private health care if they are not working and subsequently not paying social security.
The local office to gain your residency is in Denia and it’s a similar process to obtaining an NIE, you make an appointment, produce relevant documents and return to collect the green card after paying a small fee.
What paperwork you need to obtain Spanish Residency
  • Your NIE.
  • The form S1 if you are a pensioner or proof of health insurance if not.
  • Confirmation of payment for the residencia in the bank.
  • The completed residency application form.
  • Passport.
  • Proof of income.
You also need passport photos and copies of the above. For a small fee Javea Home Finders can help you obtain your residencia.